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 Nairobi > Computer Monday 10 August 2020
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10 August 2020
Custom Made 4.6GHz Computer with 4GB Graphics Card
09 August 2020
XGAMERtechnologies 4.1GHz Custom Made Gaming PC
08 August 2020
4Ghz Custom Made 8GB RAM Rendering and Game Computer
07 August 2020
Brand new HP ProDesk 400 G6 PC Core i7 4gb RAM
06 August 2020
Lenovo Refurbished Desktop PC 16gb RAM 4GB Graphics
05 August 2020
Refurbished Desktop Computer 8GB RAM 2GB Graphics
04 August 2020
Desktop Core 2 duo PC Complete with 19 inch TFT Screen
03 August 2020
Complete Core 2 duo Desktop PC with 3 Classic games
02 August 2020
Core 2duo and Duo Core Computers with no accessories
01 August 2020
XGAMERtech Custom Made PC 32gb RAM 6gb Nvidia
30 July 2020
32GB RAM Custom Gaming Computer with 3 Free Games
29 July 2020
Core i7 9th Gen XGAMERtech Custom Made Desktop PC
28 July 2020
Custom Made Computer with FIFA 20 preloaded 8GB RAM
27 July 2020
Custom Made Game Desktop Computer Core i5 6th Gen
26 July 2020
Custom Made Gaming Desktop with AMD Ryzen 3
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